How Does Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Work?

This article aims to explain the working of crypto payments. Prevent chargebacks and fraud – The way the system is set up, it is impossible for a customer to spend more than they have. It can almost be compared to the likes of using cash. When using cryptocurrencies, both participants have to approve every transaction. All transactions are final and irreversible since transactions are attached to the blockchain through mining.

Depending on the crypto payment provider, the transaction may instantly take place. This usually happens when both are using the same service. Even if the transaction is not immediate, it is often faster than a bank account transfer, and the transaction fees are cheaper and cheaper. has been a leader in the high-risk processing industry for many years.

Different PSPs have different requirements. However, high-risk business owners always need to provide at least six months of processing history. Bitcoin is a digital or virtual currency created in 2009 that uses peer-to-peer technology to facilitate instant payments.

With a crypto payment gateway, you will be paid the market price for your tokens at the time the transaction is executed, meaning that you can avoid any potential losses. No matter where you are in the world, you can accept payments in any cryptocurrency that your payment provider accepts. This makes it easy to do business globally without having to worry about currency conversion rates. Though being an early mover is not an easy task, why to waste time?

  • He/she can convert them to FIAT anytime.
  • Once everything is ready, you can proceed to the selection of the integration tool.
  • Lastly, always keep the end-user in mind, your customers.
  • Peer-to-peer exchanges can be mediated by a third party, or not.

Businesses need a merchant account to accept major credit cards via a static point-of-sale terminal, mobile card reader, or through a virtual payment gateway. ECommerce is taking over the bulk of purchases from the U.S. to Canada, Europe, Australia, and worldwide. In the end, payment processing isn’t that hard to understand. Yes, there are fees for everyone who participates in the transaction, but this is to be expected in exchange for a worthwhile business. The merchant has to have a digital wallet to begin accepting electronic payments in the first place.

You have someone to contact if there are payment issues.

What Is A Cryptocurrrency Payment?

Under the “Payment” section, they will click on the cryptocurrency option. There is also an ever-growing understanding of cryptocurrency throughout Europe. In fact, after APAC , Europe is now considered as the second-largest market for cryptocurrency use.

How does cryptocurrency payment processing work

Excellent and professional customer support is also provided. This is due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Available worldwide – Cryptocurrency is an international currency because it is not limited to location. There are no exchange rates or costly foreign transaction fees.

A cryptographic payment gateway is easier for many new entrants than setting up and managing the wallet yourself. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be used in almost every country. This eliminates converting to local fiat currency when making international payments. As soon as the customer pays in cryptocurrency, the merchant also receives the money in cryptocurrency. He/she can convert them to FIAT at any time. This can be done with the help of the trader’s PSP or crypto exchange.

Many cryptocurrency exchanges are now beginning to offer this service. If you have a merchant account like the ones WELCOINEX offer, all the cryptocurrency transactions can be automatically exchanged to your fiat currency. Or just share your wallet address with the person you want to accept payment from. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency or in other words, it is a digital asset. It is secured by cryptographic protocols that make it impossible to spend it a second time or fake it. Mostly cryptocurrency based on blockchain ledger supported by computer networks.

In addition to being a derivatives trader and consultant, Shobhit has over 17 years of experience as a product manager and is the owner of He received his master’s degree in financial management from the Netherlands and his Bachelor of Technology degree from India. After the decision is made you should perform additional steps to fully adopt crypto as a payment method.

Disadvantages Of Crypto Payment

All you need to do is set up a Coinbase account and use that to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, or Litecoin and to send and receive cryptocurrency. In addition, if the gateway is non-custodial, like NOWPayments, payment for your goods and services is made on a wallet-to-wallet basis. That is, the gateway does not store your profit.

El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment: $60 million lost, $375 million spent, little to show so far – CNBC

El Salvador’s bitcoin experiment: $60 million lost, $375 million spent, little to show so far.

Posted: Thu, 13 Oct 2022 11:00:01 GMT [source]

If that currency is designed with a payment system, the provider will incur fees charged by the currency network’s transaction validators. Hence, there is a constant increase in the prevalence of crypto payments. If you want to learn more about the technical stuff related to cryptocurrency, visit our blog. To create your own Cryptocurrency, read this guide. They spent hours trying to lure customers to their website.


However, as for today, the majority of clients don’t have digital wallets. Besides crypto, other popular alternative methods do not require wallets. A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores your cryptocurrency keys and lets you access your coins. It’s best to compare them to see which fit your needs the most. Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange based in the U.S.—and regulated by the government—has a payment service called Coinbase Commerce.

Keep your cryptocurrency in your crypto account and use it as you see fit. If a company is not going to incorporate cryptocurrency payments into their online store, the likelihood is that they will not thrive in the global economy of the future. That’s pretty much everything you need to know to start accepting cryptocurrency for your business. Drop a line to get a free business consultation and find out whether your company will benefit from using cryptocurrency today. The entire process of crypto payment processing takes no longer than a few seconds. Merchant can exchange crypto to FIAT anytime he/she wants.

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Say for example your bank is Bank of America. You wouldn’t be able to go to Bank of America with your crypto funds and ask them to exchange them for fiat currency. It’s just not something the big banks are doing–for now. They are getting left behind in the new digital global economy, so they might change their tune sooner than later. Once you’ve decided to offer crypto as your payment option, there are few steps to make. First, you need to contact your PSP directly and ask whether they have such an opportunity.

How does cryptocurrency payment processing work

With no intermediaries, crypto payment processing becomes extremely fast, which takes even less than 10 seconds. It allows merchants to accept crypto and then quickly exchange them to fiat anytime. Today, most people investing in cryptocurrency use centralized online exchanges or online brokers. A cryptocurrency payment gateway is a payment processor for digital currencies, similar to the payment processors, gateways, and acquiring bank credit cards use.

What Are The Most Popular Types Of Cryptocurrency?

All the forward-thinking merchants are now implementing crypto as their payment method. Secondly, if you want to accept multiple cryptocurrencies by placing wallet addresses, your website interface will resemble some kind of mathematical spell. In addition, you will be unable to effectively monitor payment details, transaction statuses, and other crucial components. The crypto payment gateway provides your client with detailed information necessary to make a payment . Business owners prefer multi-currency crypto wallets as they offer a more comprehensive range of payment options. There are two major differences between traditional payment processing and cryptocurrency payment processing.

It saves you money – It is estimated that US businesses have handed over more than $78 billion in fees tied to credit and debit card processing. Cryptocurrencies don’t have such fees as they are “decentralized” and don’t have a bank to validate each transaction. Custodial crypto payment gateways can become a target for hackers, as a result of which you may lose your funds.

How does cryptocurrency payment processing work

In addition, merchants will have the option to automate their payments. They will also have access to helpful tools and reports to analyze their sales, consumer behavior, all in an easy, seamless process. Cryptocurrencies can be bought through a broker or traded on online cryptocurrency exchanges . NOWPayments supports 21 national currencies, for example, USD, EUR, AUD, etc. The trend for crypto makes us think that such a tendency will change in the nearest future.

The system is quite user-friendly, optimized for mobile devices and available in multiple languages. Yes, EMB works with merchants who are building their credit, as well as those who have poor credit. EMB also approves merchants that have no credit card processing history and businesses that have lost their merchant accounts due to high chargebacks. By accepting crypto payments, you are allowing your customers to pay in a discreet manner. They are securely stored within a blockchain ledger.

2 Why Accept Cryptocurrencies As Payment?

It provides efficiency and it builds trust between networks. It also gives you insight as to how to examine existing distribution channels and offers you a glimpse as to how your consumers are using the technology. With the use of crypto payment processing, merchants are paid in just 24 hours and in more than 120 fiat currencies . The gateway processes the payment, converts the cryptocurrency , and charges a service fee. Then, depending on the gateway type , your profit is sent either directly to your wallet or your merchant account. Many payment service providers and platforms have enabled the transference of credit card data and ACH payments to be made securely and expeditiously.

You will also need to provide the wallet address to which you want to get crypto payments and generate an API key. Next, choose an integration tool that meets your requirements, for example, plugins, APIs, invoices, etc. It is important to note that digital currencies do not require a payment gateway.

As this new shopping cart experience continues to evolve, one can expect payment acceptance to continue to become more convenient and accessible as the technology improves. The obvious difference- the cryptocurrency is being transferred instead of fiat currencies. And people pay not through a credit card, but a digital wallet. Such terminals are incredibly cost-effective, as they do not require installation and maintenance costs.

There is no guarantee that you will not lose on a swing. The exchange rate of FIAT crypto payment api is not stable. Withdrawing cryptocurrencies in euros or dollars can cost you more.

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