How To Make Friends As A Remote Worker

Even if you’re not looking to move or acquire new things for your home, both events can provide opportunities to meet new people in your area. Taking part in local activities and events or in online resources for your community will make it easier for you to make meaningful connections.

  • Jacob Ma wasn’t going to let the fact that his new job kept him at home all day stop him from making new friends.
  • You might find that you already know some people in your new city.
  • One of the girls invited people to meet her at a coffee shop.
  • This is especially true if you’ve moved to a foreign country.
  • You never know—your future best friend could be just around the corner.
  • For that reason, when various events are happening in your field – you’re just as entitled to be there as any other professional in the industry.

If you know anyone who struggles with loneliness or social isolation, share this post. Now, I’m not talking about an elevator pitch or a static way to answer the question, “So, what do you do? But what I am talking about is just a simple line that you can use to introduce yourself to anyone at any time. Try sitting near another solo traveller or at the bar; this way you can chat to the bartender if all else fails. Remember, you can just leave if you feel uncomfortable. In Porto, we were all aged around 30 and wanted to get work done so there was a good mix of productivity and socialising. As we were all new to Porto, we explored the city together.

Yes, You Can Still Make Friends at Work If You’re Remote. Here’s How.

And with easy-to-use ways to connect like Nextdoor, new pals are never too far away. Given how interconnected our world is, there’s a chance that someone in your family, social circle, or friend group knows somebody in your new city. Ask around and see who has a cousin, close friend, old roommate, or social media acquaintance in your new location. I know, actually opening up a bit and talking to people? But a) we don’t always get what we want, and b) you’re asking a question that many of us have trouble answering even in the best of times, before “social distancing” was even a thing.

Perhaps you’re hoping to meet someone who is more than a friend. If you’re seeking a romantic partner, but you don’t want to hang out in bars or sit at home surfing dating sites, then speed dating might be just the thing for you. If someone in your family loves a particular sport, all the more reason to show up for their games. Or take them to the stadium how to make friends when you work from home so they can watch and learn from teams they might someday join. But the more you explore your new neighborhood, the more people you’re likely to meet. If you are a woman, and you haven’t met your soulmate friend yet, maybe it’s time to take some serious action. Talk to the farmer’s, ask questions, and invite conversation with other shoppers.

| Attend a meet-up or networking event

You can bond over your love of exercise, and you may even find that you have other things in common as well. Read through these practical ideas of where to go to meet new people. Having meaningful friendships aren’t just fun, they’re completely necessary to live.

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